Sweet Saturday Sample

What is Sweet Saturday Sample?

Authors get together and post a section of one of their books.

Here’s my selection from One Bad Day

Gray glanced across the parking garage and smiled. Legs in
hot pants was coming out of the hotel and walking toward the
parking garage. Her gloves and huge light bulb head were missing
but—lucky for him—she still had on the strappy heels and
tiny white skirt. Without the head she was tiny. She walked under
the light in front of the hotel and he saw that she had light brown
curly hair that came to her shoulders. She looked to be a couple of
years younger than him. She stumbled and he thought her heard
her say “Shit!” which made him chuckle out loud.

One Bad Day is available now.

Book Links:

Breathless Press
All romance

Here’s the link to everyone participating in Sweet Saturday Sample.

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