My First Haiku

I wrote this many years ago when I was taking an online creative writing class.  I enjoy learning new things and I wanted a fresh perspective on writing.  One of the assignments was to write a Haiku.  For you poets out there, my intention is not to offend anyone.  This is proof that some people can write poetry and have the talent for it and some cannot – me being one of them.

My First Haiku

We walk through the woods.
Tall trees blocking out the sun,
Fall leaves underfoot

Holding Peanut’s hand,
The Big One runs ahead
“Please stay on the trail!”,

We call out to him,
“Do not go too far ahead.”
He finds a small snake.

It slithers along.
He watches until it’s gone,
Joy upon his face.

I walk on the edge
So she stays in the center.
My legs brush nature.

A family of three
pass close, right in front of us,
Graceful and gentle,

They bound through the trees.
Not seeming to be bothered
By our intrusion.

The perfect ending
To a great day.  We talk of
Taking  walks more often.

The next day, I see
What appears to be a mole,
Darker than I thought.

On my neck where my
t-shirt collar would have been.
It’s dark and… oh no!

It has big black legs!!
It’s in there tight as can be.
“Oh no!  Get it out!”

“Please, please get it out!”
My cries startle my husband,
Who was fast asleep.

Calmly with tweezers
He pulls it from its meal.  Me.
My savior, my hero!

“Well”, he says to me.
“I’m guessing that’s the end of
Nature walks for you.”

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