Why I Am No Longer Allowed to Say “Crap” In My House

Crap is one of my favorite words.  It fits just about any situation.

You stub your toe. “Well crap!”

It works.

You are referring to something general. “Bring that crap here.”

It works.

It’s a polite way to say other impolite words.  I love the word crap. It’s craptastic!

So, why am I no longer allowed to say it?

One night, the hubby made dinner.  This was when The Girl was around 4 years old.  I was working a crappy corporate job and was late coming home. (See!  It works.)

I arrived home just in time for dinner.  My hubby dished out plates of food and set them in front of the kids. The Boy picked up his food and ate right away.

The Girl looked down at the plate, looked back up at Daddy and said “I can’t eat this crap!”

After that, I was forbidden to use the word crap in my house.

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